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When you are tired from work and your neck is sore, Do you want to experience the pleasure of having a "personal masseur" at home?

Lefan portable magic massage sticker, This is a combination of tradition and technology. It uses TENS low-frequency pulse massage technology to help relieve muscle pain and fatigue.

It stimulates sensory nerve fibers through TENS low-frequency pulse wave to achieve analgesia, bid farewell to traditional massage, guide muscle tissue nerves to release muscle vitality, relax tense muscles, promote blood circulation, reduce lactic acid accumulation after exercise, alleviate soreness!

It's special in that it's portable, and it weighs 20 g without pressure even if it's carried in a pocket. Secondly, it is very easy to use. One machine and one paste can realize all functions through three solid keys. Five different modes, 10 gear sizes, and intelligent massage master manipulation simulation can be chosen freely according to personal mode and massage intensity needs.

Its positive skin-pasting part is made of Water-accumulated glue imported from Japan, which is non-warping, non-toxic and harmless, and has zero skin burden in the process of use. This hydrogel has the activity. After the electrode has lost viscosity for a period of time, it can wipe the surface of the colloid with water. After natural air drying, the adhesive can continue to be used again.

It has a USB charging interface, charging 2.5 - 3 hours at a time, massage 5 minutes a day, can be used for 7 days!

It's a very good Portable Massager for many long-term desk workers nowadays. Whether it's shoulder, neck, back, waist or limbs, it can give good physical therapy, relax muscles and relieve pain. To some extent, it reduces the occurrence of cervical, lumbar and other diseases.

Where can you find it? You can find it on Taobao . and you need a good taobao english agent,such as cssbuy,they can help you buy this product and send it to you.

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