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Our History

 Jiangsu Aoda Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, China. Our company is specializing in the production of a variety of yarns like Chenille Yarn, Mohair Yarn, TT Yarn and Feather Yarn and so on. We can customize and produce varied types of yarns according to customers’ needs. (Our Tian Lihe International Trade Co. Ltd. in Zhangjiagang Bonded Zone has rights to import and export.)

“Excelsior” is our purpose. Integrity, innovation, confidence and professionalism constitutes our Company Spirit. Our employees hold that excellent products and services are our achievements and pride. Excellent geographical environment, advanced production equipment, scientific management method, strong technical force and energetic leadership will make Jiangsu Aoda Textile Co., Ltd. become a future star of the textile industry.

Our Factory

Our Product

Chenille Yarn, Wrapped Yarn, Bigbelly Yarn, Air Yarn, Toothbrush Yarn, Feather Yarn, Loop Yarn, Half Side Napped Yarn, Core Spun Yarn, Napping Yarn, Lantern Yarn, Neps Yarn, Sequin Yarn, Roving Yarn/ Iceland Yarn, Sausage Yarn, Belt Yarn, Elastic Yarn, TT Yarn, Mohair Yarn, Lily Yarn and so on.

Product Application

Kintting, hand kintting, garments, knitwear, weaving, cloth, embroidery, bedding set, curtains, carpet, towel and so on.

Production Equipment

Our service

1. Your inquiry will be replied in the earliest time.

2. We provide customized services. For the packing and loading, customized request is also available.

3. Care instruction and knitting suggestion.

4. We have been endeavoring to provide you first class service and product all the time. If you have any problem with our product or service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will solve it to your satisfaction.cheap Polyester Toothbrush Yarn

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