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Our Factory
Yuhuan sete seals co.,ltd. Locates in Yu Huan county ,which is the industry base of Auto parts . The company was founded in 1988 that is specialized in producing all kinds of gaskets.
Our Products
Non asbestos paper gaskets, Steel frame and non-asbestos composite pad, rubber coated steel gaskets, Skeleton rubber mat, rubber rings, Sheet metal stamping, Rubber plastic parts, etc.
Product Application
seals used in car engine, transmission system, sewings, industrial machinery,
IT and  electric appliance, etc.
Our Certificate
Our production Equipment
automatic stamping production line, CNC stamping production line,  mechanized stamping line, Rubber injection production line, rubber coating pipeline.
Production Market
Products are mainly supplied to domestic host market and exported to North America, Europe, Japan and other countries. Our annual sales increase from 18 million to 33million during year 2011-2014.
Our service
we have a complete advanced production equipment and testing equipment, perfect sale,distribution,after-sales service system.
Independent research & development services for customers, highly efficient production capacity to ensure adequate supplies, strict quality control to ensure the reliability of each parts, after-sales review and processing timely, Actively listening to customers’ valuable advice.
To improve service overall capacity and customer satisfaction is fundamental to our survival.China Water Pump Gaskets manufacturers

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